I am a really goal oriented person. I like the direction and security that lists give me! And I like knowing my next goal that I’m working towards. I have a bucket list, which I prefer to call my To-Do list! It’s my list of specific things I want to do. Big things, expensive things. A list which will take me years, maybe a lifetime, to complete. That list is below. I also made a list of things I wanted to do or see while I was in Norway. I’m not really sure what to do with that list now, but I would like to revisit Norway and knock those remaining things off. I have more things I want to do but they’re a little less concise. You can check them out on my Pinterest board, The To-Do List.

My To-Do List

  1. Motorcycle through Vietnam and Southeast Asia
  2. Help make a totem pole
  3. Race a rally car in Finland
  4. Get a tattoo by:
    1. Peter Aurisch. I talked to him but he didn’t like my idea.
    2. Marie Kraus. She was busy when I wanted to come. :(
    3. Xoïl. Couldn’t find contact info.
    4. Jef Palumbo I got it. :)
    5. Jay Freestyle. Haven’t Tried yet.
  5. Spend Dia de los Muertos in Mexico
  6. Race the Nurburgring
  7. See the Northern Light  I’ve seen them 3 times!
  8. Stay awake for the Midnight Sun
  9. Go to Iceland
  10. See a Scottish Clan Games
  11. Go to all 50 USA states. So far 40/50.

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