almost trendy

Sometime last year, I started following a man on Instagram named Mike Bagale (@mikebagale) who is a chef at the famous Alinea in Chicago. Alinea was featured on an episode of Chef’s Table (if you haven’t watched, you’re missing out). Shortly after, I started to follow a fab food writer named Kate Odell (@kat_odell). She […]

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16 for 2016 recap

I made a list of things in January of this year that I wanted to accomplish or work on this year. I’m trying to have more self-control and am attempting to hold myself accountable. Let’s revisit the list, shall we? 1. Plan less in the future, live and do more in the present. I did […]

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me at 18

I opened a letter I wrote to myself my senior year of high school this morning, here’s what it said: Dear Sarah, You should be enjoying your senior year at whatever exceptional university you chose. You should be exploring a subject that’s both interesting and challenging. Even if you didn’t go into Public Health or […]

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16 for 2016

I wrote my New Year’s resolutions on January 2nd, so it seems appropriate that I share them almost a week after the new year. I’ve tried to frame mine as attainable personal goals because I like things to be concrete. For the couple that aren’t that concrete, it was intentional; they’re more life habits I […]

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bare men (nsfw)

Sometime last week I was Pinteresting, like I do when I’m avoiding something, when I stumbled upon a pin by Refinery 29, a women’s culture site, about “12 Pictures of Naked, Vulnerable men”. Being a fan of both men and nakedness, I clicked. The website’s almost article and slideshow were lackluster, but I was intrigued […]

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