word of the day #3


This word makes me smile. I was baking and was easily able to figure out its meaning. Can you guess?

It translates to melted or liquified. I figured out the meaning because I initially pronounced it Smelt-y. So through context clues, I was able to figure out that the recipe was asking for melted butter. Now whenever I bake or use butter, I just chuckle to myself, saying Smelt-y.

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This is a very geographically incorrect map of the areas that I generally frequent. The Bybanen is the train that I take from place to place. Each of the little words near the track is a station along the way from Fantoft to Byparken which is the city centre. Also on the map are a […]

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Posts Glore!

I kind of, not really apologize for the post overload this morning. I was trying to catch up on my posting!

I also want to let my readers know about two additional pages that I started: Words and Beer. Sounds simple enough. On Words, you can see a list of some of the interesting words I have learned in Norwegian so far. The words match up with the Norwegian Words of the Day posts. On Beer, readers can keep up with the variety of beers I am trying during my travels.



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Word of the Day #2


definition: nice

The word hyggelig has been coming up a lot because it simply means nice. It is most often used to say “nice to meet you” which is hyggelig å møte deg. It’s just a funny word to say.

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On Saturday, Kasper, Santiago, and I went to BilVite Science Museum. It’s an interactive science museum which teaches basic science theories through hands-on activities. It’s the Norwegiam equivalent of Explora!. It was surprisingly easy to get to. We took the bybanen to Florida then walked maybe a quarter mile. Since it was a Saturday, it […]

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