selfies with strangers – 2016

2016 was the creation of #selfieswithstrangers. But if you look at the hashtag with thousands of associated pictures, you’ll see it wasn’t in fact created by me, just adopted. I thought I was going to be special; what a novel idea to take pictures with strangers! Even though I’m not the first and certainly not […]

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small talk

I think one of my favorite experiences during my stay in Norway has been going to the grocery store across the street. But that’s for a reason beyond my love of food. Norwegians are known for being very reserved in public situations and for not engaging in small talk very often. Well my overwhelming sense […]

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Growing up is not easy: Probably one the greatest cliches falling just beyond love conquers all and carpe diem. Although it’s told over and over, there is one thing that’s rarely talked about. You never stop growing up. Your parents, teachers, doctors, favorite authors never reached an age when they could clap their hands together […]

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So this is probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Last night around 8, my friend Santiago said he had just booked a flight and hostel for London for the weekend and welcomed anyone to join him. I bought my ticket and reserves my room last night at midnight. And right now I am […]

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