Towards the end of my time abroad during the Summer of 2015, my mom and I said good bye to my sister and father in Scotland and headed for a long weekend in Dubrovnik. We stayed in an adorable Airbnb steps away from the plaza.


We took a very lax approach to this trip following our whirlwind tour of Scotland. We had long brunches with cocktails.

We wandered around and spent time on the pier and beaches.


We enjoyed some great views while we ate local cuisine. We discovered grappa and my mom was not a fan.


One day, we charted a small boat which took us on private tours of the Elefiti islands. We saw beautiful beaches, an underwater cave, and took a jet ski out!


The following day, we walked the streets and the city walls, and my mom made some new friends!


Our last night in Dubrovnik also happened to be the first night of the Dubrovnik Music Festival so we celebrated with a beautiful meal, overlooking the crowded pier, and fireworks!


It was a wonderful introduction to a city I hope to visit again!


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