A/J Edinburgh, B Edzell, C Dunnottor Castle, D Inverness, E Loch Ness, F Portree, G Isle of Skye, H Colonsay, I Loch Lomond


My mom initially flew to Norway then we met up with my sister and Dad in Edinburgh. Our first stop was a small town named Edzell which is near the navy base where my dad had been stationed in the 70s. We drove around and saw greenery, my dad and I saw a 1000 year old castle and its still maintained garden, and he made a new friend.

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Dunnottar Castle

Our second stop was Dunnottar Castle, a medieval castle built as early as the middle ages which was eventually taken by the Vikings and rebuilt again. General McPhee shenanigans ensued and my mom took more pictures of cones.

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Loch Ness

We spent a quick night in a funky little Inn in Inverness then got back on the road and hit the Loch Ness. Sadly no monster sightings but we did see another castle and some beautiful highland views. Scotland is not for castle haters.

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Isle of Skye

My want-to-do on the Scotland trip was to hit the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. We stayed in Portee. We went on a wild life boat tour and saw a Golden Eagle! We saw multiple beaches, saw the Fairy Pools, and went to Talisker Distillery. Dad was pleased.

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After a few days in the North, we headed south. Our next stop was Colonsay Island. Colonsay has a little over 100 full time residents and is two hours by boat from the nearest town, Oban. There is a school which has 6 children in attendance. Why did we go here, you are certainly asking. The little island has been inhabitied as early as 7,000 BC but more recently, it became the ancestral home of the Clan MacFie. That’s us! This is literally where my people are from. At the top of hill lays a memorial for our last clan chief who was slain by a MacDonald in the 1600s, the clan which eventually took over the island and with the whom the MacFies history ties in closely. MacFies are also related to the MacDuffies. Both originated from the same clan, but the MacDuffie name comes from the original gaelic word for the MacFies, Mac Dhuibhshíthe. Just like make other families from other countries, as people migrated and immigrated, the spelling changed, ultimately leaving my family with McPhee.

My sister and I slept in an adorable hostel where you paid online and then just showed up. My parents stayed in the adorable inn. Everything was adorable. We did some brief hiking and saw multiple beaches.

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Loch Lomond Highland Games

My one other desire was to see a highland games. We weren’t able to go to a large one but we were lucky enough to find a small one for the Loch Lomond area in Luss. The game was specifically held by the Colquhoun clan. I even snagged a picture with thier chief and his new son!

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We ended the trip staying in a beautiful hotel with a view of the Ediburgh castle right from our window. We took tours and sightsaw and I drank a lot.

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