16 for 2016 recap

I made a list of things in January of this year that I wanted to accomplish or work on this year. I’m trying to have more self-control and am attempting to hold myself accountable. Let’s revisit the list, shall we?

1. Plan less in the future, live and do more in the present.

I did better. I’ve stopped looking at everything like it’s a means to a far off end. I’m gonna call this a success! 1/1

2. Go to Marfa, Texas, and the Grand Canyon (probably when I go to see Adele!).

I went to Marfa, Texas. There will be a blog about it! I had plans to go to the Grand Canyon, but I bailed like a bitch because I was tired and emotional because a boy (man maybe. He was 30) moved to Guatemala. Sorry Ashley. So 1.5/2.

3. Plan a big trip to at least one new place, hopefully Columbia or Shanghai.

I have been saving up continuously for a trip to Colombia next summer! Not much of a plan yet. I award the House of Sarah half a point. 2/3

4. Figure out what I love doing and do more of it!

Hahahahaha. No. Unless you count eating, meeting new people, and getting lost as what I love. Which I do. 3/4.

5. Make at least one good, new friend (hopefully a few more).

oh my god. I met this magnificent human being named Ashley Barrett Carter and my life has never been the same. I 100% earned that point. 4/5

6. Volunteer: Animal Shelter and Homeless Shelter

I tried volunteering at the animal shelter but they don’t need people. And I called the homeless shelter and no one called me back in like March. Shit amount of effort. No points. 4/6.

7. Eat healthier and treat my body better. I need to remember that eating healthy is good for my body, inside and out, including my mental health.

Better but not spectacular. Half a point. 4.5/7

8. Exercise 30 minutes everyday.

I walked to and from work now! 45 minutes total. I’ll take it. 5.5/8.

9. Wear lipstick and be generally more put together. I need to channel my inner Adele a little more.

I have been more put together. And I think part of being put together is still loving myself when I’m not. Point for Slytherin! 6.5/9

10. Go on one date every week. Be okay with the possible rejection.

I’ve been on many more dates and met interesting people. None of whom were a good fit for me nor I for them. Rejection is still hard. No points. 6.5/10.

11.Try 2 new restaurants every month.Real restaurants and not just a new Taco                             Cabana.

I have been trying to eat out less, including Taco Cabanas. Half a point for being more responsible. 7/11

12. Build a budget and stick to it. Soon I’ll have a real job and real expenses and I                             want to be able to handle my finances. 

Nope. 7/12

13. Read 1 book a month.

Do audiobooks count? 7.5/13

14. Get all A’s in my MBA classes.

Maybe next year. It was hard to do well in a marketing class when I had real marketing to do. I think I got As in 4 out of 5 though. 8/14

15. Work on being able to express myself when I’m upset or frustrated, personally and professionally.

I have been SO much better about expressing when I’m upset or frustrated. Shout out to my therapist for helping with the progress. 9/15

16. Surround myself with strong women and not hold any resentment for the women who didn’t feel so empowering. Everyone is learning as they go and it’s naive of me to think that what’s best for me will be the best for anyone else.

Yes. Although it is a life long process. 10/16

So 10/16. Not too shabby. My convenient cell phone calculator says that is a 63%. A nice D-. However, it does mean that I accomplished 50% of my goals. And as far as New Year’s Resolutions go, I think that’s pretty damn good. 

Xoxo Sarah


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