bare men (nsfw)

Sometime last week I was Pinteresting, like I do when I’m avoiding something, when I stumbled upon a pin by Refinery 29, a women’s culture site, about “12 Pictures of Naked, Vulnerable men”. Being a fan of both men and nakedness, I clicked. The website’s almost article and slideshow were lackluster, but I was intrigued […]

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my tinder roadtrip

Here’s a reckless thing I did that miraculously only ended in emotional tragedy. Enjoy. I have a Tinder account just like every other college student in the United States. It’s a fun… neigh interesting way to learn about the eligible bachelors that live near by. The below profile is NOT that of the guy I […]

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Maybe I should be an artist. I’d live in Paris. In the attic of an old building. I would have fresh flowers. I would take many lovers. Falling in love with small moments. I would smoke on my balcony. I would wander the streets at night. I would wear a lot of black. Too bad I can’t […]

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