Travel Day It was a very long day of travel. I left Fantoft around 10 to head to the airport and I arrived in Granada at 11. The airplane between Madrid and Granada was tiny and I accidentally feel asleep so I woke up cranky. I grabbed my bag from this tiny conveyor belt than […]

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Tromsø is now one of my favorite places. The trip there was beautiful. The place itself was beautiful. The things we did were beautiful. I have taken the train ride to Oslo before but this time was different. I finally had a window seat so I could see much then before. We were having some […]

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It was beautifully sunny here this week so here are a few pictures! I don’t think I’ve been heavily impacted by the constant cloudiness but I definitely miss the feeling of sun on my skin. There’s something so perfect about warm sun on a brisk day. Sarah xoxo

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