spain and other travels

I have been having a really rough week. I have been homesick for New Mexico. Oh you, the Land of Entrapment. I finally leave and then I remember why I love you. But the most glorious thing happened today which is easing my homesickness. I booked a flight (an expensive and complicated flight sadly, but […]

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I am a bad blogger. I apologize. I am almost only doing this because my mom (Hi, Carrie) asked me to do this. Blogs are kind of like online diaries and I never get passed the second day of using a diary so making it two months into this blog is a pretty big deal. […]

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Growing up is not easy: Probably one the greatest cliches falling just beyond love conquers all and carpe diem. Although it’s told over and over, there is one thing that’s rarely talked about. You never stop growing up. Your parents, teachers, doctors, favorite authors never reached an age when they could clap their hands together […]

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So this is probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Last night around 8, my friend Santiago said he had just booked a flight and hostel for London for the weekend and welcomed anyone to join him. I bought my ticket and reserves my room last night at midnight. And right now I am […]

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